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Founded in 2005, Xiangguang Non-Ferrous Metals is located in Xiangguang National Ecological Industry Demonstration Park in Yanggu, Shandong Province. It is a modernized large-scale integrated non-ferrous metal industrial group specializing in ecological copper smelting, copper processing, extraction of precious metals, and utilization of renewable resources and exploration of mineral resources. It produces 450,000 tons of cathode copper, 150,000 tons of recycled cathode copper, 20 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver, 1,000 tons of precious metals, 1.7 million tons of sulfuric acid and 320,000 tons of refined copper products.

The core business of Xiangguang Non-ferrous Metals – Yanggu Xiangguang Copper – is the first eco-copper smelting enterprise in China to adopt flash smelting and flash blowing processes. It has realized a recyclable economy, clean production and made possible the integrated utilization of resources. For such achievements, it is named one of the top ten “Environment-Friendly Engineering Projects in China” by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and is listed by NDRC as one of the seven enterprises which meet the Entry Criteria for Copper Smelt Industry. Furthermore, Yanggu Xiangguang Copper is also one of the seven enterprises approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs for trading processed copper concentrates. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance have jointly approved the company as one of the first batch of “resource-saving and environment-friendly pilot enterprises”. It is further identified as a “national information-based, industrialized and deeply integrated demonstration enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The firm has won the 2012 Governor of Shandong Province Quality Award. The high-purity cathode copper under Xiangguang’s brand is approved by the State Quality Inspection Administration as the first environmental-friendly product that protects the ecological origin of its production base. The cathode copper has been successfully registered in the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the London Metal Exchange.  

——The “double-floating” copper smelting technology solely developed by the company is the world’s first copper smelting and self-heating smelting technology embedded with intelligent rotary flotation. The breakthrough has ended the long-term monopoly of foreign enterprises in the development of core copper-smelting technology and has advanced China’s knowledge in this field to world-leading level. The technology has been awarded the 2013 National Science and Technology Progress Second-Tier Award and the Gold Award in the 16th China Patent Award.

—— The “crude copper autoxidation restoring and refining technology” developed by the company requires refining time of less than one hour. With zero consumption of restored natural gas, the technology has completely resolved the worldwide problem of low-atmospheric pollution commonly occur in fire refining. The technology has been included in the “National Key Energy-Saving Low-Carbon Technological Promotion Directory” twice.

—— Partnering with Mettop the Austrian company, Xiangguang has jointly developed a parallel-jet-electrolysis technology that helps increase the density of crude copper electrolytic current to 500A/m2 for the first time in history. The technology also enhances production efficiency by more than 50% and reduces overall energy consumption by 25%. Such breakthrough has turned a new leaf in the world history of copper electrolysis technology besides winning the first prize in the “China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award” in 2015. On 27 June, 2009, during his trip in Shandong province, Wen Jiabao the then Premier of the State Council remarked: “Xiangguang Copper’s has very valuable experience. It has achieved two breakthroughs in ‘flash’ technology, which enable the company to save energy and better protect the environment. This is truly an advanced, environmental-friendly, energy-saving and efficient copper smelting enterprise.”

Xiangguang has strived to maintain sound operation during recent years. The Six Intelligent Standards – contract standards, innovation standards, management standards, environmental standards, risk control standards and moral standards – has been created to epitomize its operation adage, namely integrity, wisdom, ecological protection and innovation. By pooling experts from all parts of the world, Xiangguang is committed to becoming the role model of China’s industrial restructuring and leading innovator in the world’s copper smelting industry.

Six Intelligent Standards

  • Contract standards

    Conform to the core value of “integrity”. Honor contractual obligations, keep our promises to customers, employees, partners and the community. When dealing with colleagues, customers and the company, we shall hold to our pledges, live up to our words and be resolute in actions. We are truthful in speech and firm in actions.

  • Moral standards

    Always place moral integrity first, be a responsible and respectable non-ferrous metal enterprise. Take the initiative to undertake social responsibilities, develop mutual respect and harmonious relations with employees, customers and investors with virtue, strive to set the role model in China’s industrial restructuring and become the leading innovator in the world’s copper smelting industry.

  • Innovation standards

    Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force behind Xiangguang’s sustainable development. People of Xiangguang are brave to accept their own weaknesses. They have the courage to challenge the authority, to be innovative and climb to the peak. The patented double rotary flotation copper smelting technology solely developed by the firm has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the Gold Award in China Patent Award. The company currently has more than 160 patented technologies.

  • Risk management standards

    Always implement risk control measures to the whole production process, seize justified opportunities, strike balance between risks and ability, and avoid taking undue price and credit risks. Leverage on the long-term, stable global supply and the sound and safe investment strategy to grow the business steadily.

  • Management standards

    Highly-efficient information management is a competitive edge which Xiangguang thrives on. As the first non-ferrous metal enterprise to establish its energy center in China, Xiangguang took the lead to develop big data integration and system analysis in all steps of the smelting process. It strives to control energy consumption in every detail.

  • Environmental standards

    Environmental protection is always the priority of Xiangguang. By reusing recycled water, extracting acid from exhausted gas and utilizing residues from production, the company has effectively solved the problem of “three wastages”. By extracting the very last usable value from all kinds of waste materials, the company has turned trash into treasure and thus genuinely realized the goal of clean production and recyclable economy.

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