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Fovo Foods were founded in 1991. Shandong Fengxiang Co., Ltd. as the core company, is the leader of China’s broiler industry with the most complete industry chain integrating production, processing and export, the national key leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization, one of China's top 10 enterprises in food safety, and designated Muslim food processing enterprise approved by the China Islamic Association.

Fengxiang mainly engages in animal feed processing, poultry breeding, broiler breeding, slaughtering and cutting, and processing and production of cooked poultry products, condiments and biological products. The breeders and broilers are produced in-house by Fengxiang. All feeds used in the breeding processes are self-produced as well. Currently, the company operates 22 broiler breeding farms with 1.8 million sets of breeders as inventory. The company produces 160 million day-old chicks per year; the 56 modern broiler breeding farms under its operation breed 150 million broilers each year. Fengxiang is the first company in China’s broiler industry to establish a full industrial chain and food safety system that extend “from farm to dining-table”. The frontrunner is also the first to apply remote control systems to develop the intelligent, large-scale and standardized broiler breeding, and the first to implement innovative technologies, such as biological engineering, to process chicken by-products. For the past several years, Fengxiang has outperformed counterparts in the industry in terms of export volume to the European Union, Japan, Malaysia and other countries and regions. At the same time, Fengxiang serves as the strategic supplier for sizable food and beverage chains, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart in China, attesting to Fengxiang’s leading position in China’s food industry. 

On 13 December, 2003, Hu Jintao the then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the State visited Fengxiang for inspection of operation. President Hu praised Fengxiang’s meticulous attention to food safety and the company’s effort in enhancing the processing of agricultural products with advanced technology.

Fengxiang will uphold its values and mission to produce the healthiest, safest and most environmental-friendly products, with breeding business as core competitiveness. Fengxiang is committed to creating premium food brands in China and is determined to become a renowned world-class integrated food group.


Talent Internationalization

The company adheres to the “people-oriented” management philosophy and consistently carries out the talent development strategy – open recruitment of talents with international exposure while internally training professionals with global vision. The company goes to great length to build a professional team with global vision, with members knowledgeable about the industry’s latest development across the world, cross-cultural communication skills and innovative spirit. With this team on board, Fengxiang can realize its strategic objectives in talent development, namely “to attract talents with its platform, facilitate development with its talents, and retain talents with career opportunities”.

Technology Internationalization

Science and technology are the primary forces that drive the company’s productivity while innovation breathes momentum into the company’s development. The company utilizes the most cutting-edge technology in the world to develop a modernized agricultural processing operation. It targets to build a standardized, automated, information-based and intelligent food processing operations, and to consistently improve its innovative capabilities, develop advanced, core technology for the industry and strengthen its core competitiveness.

Quality Internationalization

Fengxiang regards food safety as the lifeline of the enterprise. With its world-leading equipment, world-class quality control system and certifications of international authoritative institutions, Fengxiang has established a “from farm to dining-table” food safety system that covers every aspect of the industrial chain. Besides obtaining export certifications from more than 20 countries and regions, Fengxiang has won the trust of domestic and foreign consumers.

Market Internationalization

Fengxiang upholds its values and mission to produce only the healthiest, safest and most environmental-friendly products. It is on a strategic path to attain its goal of “buying from the globe, selling to the world, big food, big marketing”. Fengxiang aims to create a premium food brand in China – The International Gourmet, and is determined to become a renowned world-class integrated food group.

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