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GMK Holdings is a cross-industry and diversified large business group founded in September 1991, with its management headquarters, production base, and research and development center in Yanggu, trading center in Shanghai, logistics center in Qingdao, financial center in Jinan, marketing center in Beijing, and international capital operation center in Hong Kong. It operates two main businesses of Fovo Food and Xiangguang Non-ferrous Metals (XGC Group), while also developing the business of GMK Financial Investment currently.


——Fovo Food is a food enterprise with the most comprehensive industrial chain and the largest volume of export of poultry food in China. Fovo Food undergoes a new strategic transformation by focusing on the high-end food market, sparing no efforts to establish a food business with value of hundreds of billions. Upholding the values of providing the healthiest, safest and greenest products, Fovo Food is determined to establish the high-value domestic food brand and renowned world-class integrated food group.


——Xiangguang Non-ferrous metals (XGC Group) owns a copper smelting factory with the largest capacity of single-system and the most advanced technology in the world. The self-developed copper smelting technology of "double-floating" pushes the copper smelting technology of China to the leading level in the world. In accordance with the six main intelligent standardized systems of Xiangguang, it develops dual resources and various metals, enlarges and improves the smelting, as well as appropriately extending to the downstream, so as to establish a non-ferrous metals business with value of hundreds of billions. Upholding the values of integrity, wisdom, ecology, and innovation, Xiangguang, bringing together the world's top experts, is dedicated to become an era benchmark in the transition of China's industry and to set a new model in copper smelting for the world.


——GMK Financial Investment sector develops with GMK Finance Company Limited as the link to comprehensively promote the integration of industrial capital and financial investment capital. It is determined to develop into a first-rate finance company with the aim of "relying on the Group and serving the Group", positioning of "profit platform, financing platform and investment platform", and objectives of "risk prevention, resource expansion, innovative management and harmonious development". GM Corporation Limited will assume the strategic implementation of developing overseas capital market and promoting the "Going Global" strategy of the two main businesses by leveraging its rich experiences and strong execution capacity in the capital market to lead or participate in financial / capital activities of the two main business such as listing / asset securitization, investment, financing, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring.


Under the new normal, new thinking and new journey, GMK Holdings is determined to become a responsible and respectable business group by following the tenet of "industry as the center, capital as the base, culture as the soul" to foster a series of businesses with global vision and representativeness of China.


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