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Company Profile

GMK Holdings is a cross-industry and diversified large business group founded in September 1991, with the management headquarters, production base, and research and development center in Yanggu, trading center in Shanghai, logistics center in Qingdao, financial center in Jinan, marketing center in Beijing, and international capital operation center in Hong Kong. It operates two main businesses of Fovo Food and Xiangguang Non-ferrous Metals, while also developing the business of GMK Financial Investment currently.

Message from Chairman of the Board

Achieve value of Industry in China and uphold the core of the era.

Message from the President

As the economy of China is facing new challenges under the New Normal, Chinese entrepreneurs are given a new responsibility and mission. By being in the forefront all the time, GMK adjusts its orientation timely and develops brand-new thinking to embark on a new journey to make new contributions in advancement of China's industries and economic growth.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision & Mission
To Be a Responsible and Respectable Business Group
integrity, dedication, respect, innovation and win-win.Corporate Vision & Mission:To be a responsible and respectable business group


History of development

GMK Holdings was founded in 1991.
Over 25 years, GMK always keeps up all with the pace of the times in the midst of an era full of market opportunities and challenges. It developed in line with the trends and succeeded to reach the peak in the sectors. Every industrial evolution of GMK is a leap in its history of development.

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